State of Rust Survey FAQ

In this FAQ we try to answer common questions about the Annual State of the Rust Language Community Survey. If in your opinion there is a missing question or if you have a concern about this document, please do not hesitate to contact the Rust Community Team or open an issue with the Community Team.

Why is this survey important for the Rust project?

Rust is an Open Source project. As such, we want to hear both from people inside and outside our ecosystem about the language, how it is perceived, and how we can make the language more accessible and our community more welcoming. This feedback will give our community the opportunity to participate on shaping the future of the project. We want to focus in the requirements of the language current and potential users to offer a compelling tool for them to solve real world problems in a safe, efficient and modern way.

What are the goals of the survey?

  • To understand the community's main development priorities and needs
  • To categorize the population of users of the language
  • To focus our efforts on events and conferences to drive more impact
  • To identify potential new contributors to the community goals

How much time will it take to answer the survey?

In average, it should take from 10 to 15 minutes.

What kind of questions are included in the survey?

It includes some basic questions about how do responders use Rust, their opinion the ecosystem's tools and libraries, some basic questions regarding the responders' employer or organization and their intention to use Rust, technical background and demographic questions and some feedback related to the Rust project's community activities and general priorities.

How will we use the data from the survey responses?

The answers from the survey will be anonymized, aggregated, and summarized. A high level writeup will be posted to

How is personally identifiable information handled?

Nearly every question in the survey is optional. You are welcome to share as much or as little information as you are comfortable with. Only the Rust language Core Team and the Community Team Survey Leads will have access to the raw data from the survey. All the answers are anonymized prior to be shared with the rest of the teams and prior to the results publication.

Why is the survey collecting contact information?

The survey optionally collects contact information for the following cases if you expressed interest in:

  • future conferences or meetups in your area
  • helping to organize a Rust event, meetup, or conference
  • talking to a Rust team about using Rust inside your company
  • Rust training
  • interest in a Rust team contacting you about your survey responses

If you would like to be contacted about any of this, or any other concerns, but you don't want to associate your email with your survey responses, you can instead email the Rust Community Team at or the Core Team at, and we will connect you to the right people.

Where and when is the survey results report published?

We expect to publish results from the survey within a month or two of the survey completion. The survey results will be posted to project's blog.

Where can I see the previous survey reports?