Zulip Moderation

Zulip, like all official Rust spaces, is governed by the Code of Conduct. If you have concerns, please feel free to escalate to the moderation team.

However, though the moderation team is the top-level body here, it is not the only place where you can seek help with moderation within Zulip.

One method for reaching the Zulip administrators privately is to email zulip-admin.239bd484c0347d2d43214d8581f3e125.show-sender@streams.zulipchat.com. See this page for details on how this works.

You can also ping the @mods group on Zulip; note that this will be public.

It is not currently possible for normal users to self-administrate (e.g., muting another user). However, each individual stream, including private streams, can be muted:

For admins/moderators

Some common actions for moderators are listed on this page.


New admins/moderators should add themselves to the mods group on Zulip. (Note that this is something that any user can do!)