Preparing Release Notes

The release notes for the next release should be compiled at the beginning of the beta cycle, 6 weeks ahead of the release.

Clone the relnotes utility. This program pulls all pull requests made against rust-lang/rust and rust-lang/cargo within the latest release cycle and prints out a markdown document containing all the pull requests, categorised into their respective sections where possible, and prints the document to stdout.

Only pull requests that impact stable users of Rust should be included. Generally, more exciting items go toward the top of sections. Most items are simply links to the PR that landed them; some that need more explanation have additional, unlinked text; anything supported by an RFC has an additional RFC link. Reuse the PR titles or write descriptions as needed for clarity.

Try to keep the language of the document independent of en-US or en-UK, when it can’t be avoided defer to en-US grammar and syntax.