Team Maintenance

The roster of the Rust teams is always in flux. From time to time, new people are added, but also people sometimes opt to into “alumni status”, meaning that they are not currently an active part of the decision-making process. Unfortunately, whenever a new person is added or someone goes into alumni status, there are a number of disparate places that need to be updated.

Team repo

Membership of teams is primarily driven by the config files in the rust-lang/team repo. See the README of that respository for the systems integrated with it.

Rules for changes to team repo

Pull requests to the repository are merged by the team-repo-admins, who use these rules to merge PRs:

people, teams, and repos directories

If a change is related to an individual and does not expand permissions, then only the individual’s approval is required. If the change has already been made outside of the team repo (e.g., GitHub username change) then it is considered implicitly approved. This non-exhaustively includes:

  • Changing team membership to alumni or full removal
  • Changing email address
  • Adding zulip-id

If a change will grant additional permissions, then a team lead needs to approve the change. Any team lead in the “parent team” chain may do so. This includes:

  • Adding new subteams under an existing team
  • Granting additional access (bors, dev-desktop access, etc.)
  • Changing other metadata (website descriptions, Zulip groups, etc.)
  • Changing access to repositories owned by their team
    • For repositories ownership is not currently formally tracked. Until that is added, the team-repo-admins are expected to exercise their understanding of which team owns the repository, when in doubt asking for clarification and codifying in a comment in the relevant repository.

Source code changes

The team repository additionally contains code to transform and validate the TOML user-edited files. This is owned by the Infrastructure team and approval should be sought for changes.

Who belongs to team-repo-admins?

This group of people is nominated & approved by the Leadership Council, but is not selected through any formal criteria. Eventually, we hope that the need for this group to exist will diminish as additional automation is added to enforce the above policies.

Note also that the infra-admins team maintains “root” credentials to Rust infrastructure, including the team repo, in order to make changes if needed to keep infrastructure operational. Those rights should only be exercised when required though, with team-repo-admins being the first point of contact for changes. (There may be overlap between the two teams).

Extra steps for changes

Full team membership

To make a full team member, the following places need to be modified:

  • the team repo
  • if the member is going to join the review rotation, they will need to be added to the [assign.owners] section of triagebot.toml of the repos where they will be reviewing

Team member departure

Remove the team member from any and all places:

  • team repo
  • triagebot.toml files of all repos they were involved in
  • 1password