While most of Rust’s discussion happens on other platforms, email is eternal and we occasionally need a way to approach individuals or groups privately. Our email is hosted through Mailgun (provided by Mozilla). We create and edit the mailing lists for teams through the rust-lang/team repository. Our email domain is, e.g.

Sending a public broadcast

If your teams need to reach everyone in the Rust organisation, they can send an email to all@. It is recommended that you only use this mailing list when you know that you need to contact every member, such as for organising a members event like the All Hands, or for security alerts.

Keeping responses private

When sending a message to all@, do not put all@ in To. This will mean that any replies to your broadcast will also be sent to everyone. Instead, put your team’s email address in To field, and place all@ in the Bcc field. Then any replies will be sent to just your team.