Github is where the Rust project hosts all of its code, as well as large parts of its discussions.


  • rust-lang — The Rust project organisation.
  • rust-embedded — The Embedded Working Group organisation.
  • rustwasm — The WebAssembly Working Group organisation.
  • rust-cli — The Command Line Application Working Group organisation.
  • rust-secure-code — The Secure Code Working Group organisation.
  • rust-gamedev — The Game Development Working Group organisation.

Team Repositories

Administration FAQ

Who administrates the rust-lang organisation?

All core team members have the admin role.

How do I create a new repository under the rust-lang organisation, or make changes that require admin level permissions?

You can contact a GitHub admin directly, or post the request in project leads (public) stream on Zulip and an admin will be able to respond to your request there.