Rust’s Discord is currently used by a variety of teams such as Community, Ops, and Documentation, as well as their working groups. It is also maintained as a communication tool for Domain Working Groups, and provides a space for general discussion among Rust users, contributors, and beginners.

Where to go for help with using Discord

Discord’s support center provides documentation about its user interface and account settings.

Getting started

  1. Understand community standards
    Discord, like all official Rust spaces, is governed by the Code of Conduct. Before joining the conversation there, you can prepare by reading the Code of Conduct and Moderation Guidelines. It is also useful to read Discord’s Community Guidelines

  2. Access channels
    To access the Rust Discord, visit https://discord.gg/rust-lang. If you do not already have a Discord account, you can register for one as part of the process of gaining access. Your first action should be agreeing to our Code of Conduct by following the instructions in #welcome.

  3. Configure notifications
    It is a good idea to disable notifications for channels that are not relevant to you, so that you will not be overwhelmed with messages. Select the expansion arrow next to the server name banner (titled “The Rust Programming Language”) and select Notifications from the dropdown. Then follow the configuration instructions provided on the Discord Support site.

Appropriate conversation

Discussions should be related to the channel purpose. On team channels, conversation should be related to team business. All channels are expected to be used for purposes related to the Rust project. Discussion of (for example) wildlife or sightseeing are not appropriate.


The following channels are relevant to newcomers to the Rust project:

  • welcome - Where you agree to the CoC.
  • rust-usage - This is a channel where you can access support for resolving specific language use questions. The Rust Users Forum is also relevant to your needs.
  • beginners - Here, you can meet people who began using Rust relatively recently.
  • contribute - Interested in contributing to the Rust project? In addition to joining this channel, you can subscribe to the This Week In Rust newsletter, where many opportunities are regularly posted. It may also help to find out more about specific teams.

Channels outside of General are for contributors to Rust.


Discord conversation takes place when people are available, so you should not generally expect that your messages will receive a response quickly unless a meeting is taking place. Depending on how your notifications are configured, you will see a red circle on top of the Discord icon in your system tray when new messages are received. If you wish to communicate with a specific individual, right-click on their user icon and select “Message” in the dropdown menu.

Read-only view

Set up a Discord account (as described in Getting Started, above) in order to access Discord. There is not currently a read-only archive view available.