Friends of the Tree

The Rust Team likes to occasionally recognize people who have made outstanding contributions to The Rust Project, its ecosystem, and its community. These people are ‘Friends of the Tree’, archived here for eternal glory.

2016-02-26 @mitaa

This week we would like to nominate @mitaa as Friend of the Tree. Recently @mitaa has sent a wave of fixes to rustdoc (yes those are all separate links) with even more on the way! Rustdoc has historically been a tool in need of some love, and the extra help in fixing bugs is especially appreciated. Thanks @mitaa!

2016-02-12 Jeffrey Seyfried (@jseyfried)

This week’s friend of the tree is Jeffrey Seyfried (@jseyfried)!

Jeffrey Seyfried (@jseyfried) has made some awesome contributions to name resolution. He has fixed a ton of bugs, reported previously unknown edge cases, and done some big refactorings, all of which have helped improve a complex and somewhat neglected part of the compiler.

2015-12-04 Vadim Petrochenkov @petrochenkov

This week we’d like to nominate @petrochenkov for Friend of the Tree. Vadim has been doing some absolutely amazing compiler work recently such as fixing privacy bugs, fixing hygiene bugs, fixing pattern bugs, paving the way and implementing #[deprecated], fixing and closing many privacy holes, refactoring and improving the HIR, and reviving the old type ascription PR. The list of outstanding bugs and projects in the compiler is growing ever smaller now; thanks @petrochenkov!

2015-11-16 Peter Atashian (WindowsBunny, retep998)

In his own words, WindowsBunny is “a hopping encyclopedia of all the issues windows users might run into and how to solve them.” One of the heroes that make Rust work on Windows, he actively pushes the frontiers of what Rust can do on the platform. He is also notably the maintainer of the winapi family of crates, a comprehensive set of bindings to the Windows system APIs. You da bunny, WindowsBunny. Also, a friend of the tree.


2015-10-31 Marcus Klaas

Today @nrc would like to nominated @marcusklaas as Friend of the Tree:

Marcus is one of the primary authors of rustfmt. He has been involved since the early days and is now the top contributor. He has fixed innumerable bugs, implemented new features, reviewed a tonne of PRs, and contributed to the design of the project. Rustfmt would not be the software it is today without his hard work; he is indeed a Friend Of The Tree.

2015-10-16 Ryan Prichard

nmatsakis would also like to declare Ryan Prichard a Friend of the Tree. Over the last few months, Ryan has been comparing the Rust compiler’s parsing behavior with that of the rust-grammar project, which aims to create a LALR(1) grammar for parsing Rust. Ryan has found a number of inconsistencies and bugs between the two. This kind of work is useful for two reasons: it finds bugs, obviously, which are often hard to uncover any other way. Second, it helps pave the way for a true Rust reference grammar outside of the compiler source itself. So Ryan Prichard, thanks!

2015-10-02 Vikrant Chaudhary

Vikrant Chaudhary (nasa42) is an individual who believes in the Rust community. Since June he has been contributing to This Week in Rust, coordinating its publication on urlo, and stirring up contributions. He recently rolled out an overhaul to the site’s design that brings it more inline with the main website. Today Vikrant is the main editor on the weekly newsletter, assisted by llogiq and other contributors. Thanks for keeping TWiR running, Vikrant, you friend of the tree.


2015-07-24 Tshepang Lekhonkhobe

@Gankra has nominated @tshepang for Friend of the Tree this week:

Over the last year Tshepang has landed over 100 improvements to our documentation. Tshepang saw where documentation was not, and said “No. This will not do.”

We should all endeavor to care about docs as much as Tshepang.


2015-05-19 Chris Morgan

I’d like to nominate Chris Morgan (@chris-morgan) for Friend of the Tree today. Chris recently redesigned the site for the 1.0 release, giving the site a more modern and rustic feel to it. Chris has been contributing to Rust for quite some time now, his first contribution dating back to July 2013 and also being one of the early pioneers in the space of HTTP libraries written in Rust. Chris truly is a friend of the tree!

2015-03-24 Andrew Gallant (BurntSushi)

BurntSushi is an individual who practically needs no introduction. He’s written many of the world’s most popular crates, including, regex, quickcheck, cbor, and byteorder. Don’t forget his CSV swiss-army-knife, xsv, built on rust-csv. Feedback from his early work on libraries helped informed the evolution of Rust during a critical time in its development, and BurntSushi continues to churn out the kind of Rust gems that can only come from someone who is a skilled friendofthetree.

2015-03-03 Manish Goregaokar (Manishearth)

Manish started working on Servo as part of the GSoC program in 2014, where he implemented XMLHttpRequest. Since then he’s become in integral part of the Servo team while finishing his university studies and organizing Rust community events. In 2015 he took an interest in bors’ queue and started making rollup PRs to accelerate the integration process. Nursing the PR queue is the kind of time-consuming labor that creates friends of the tree like Manish, the rollup friend of the tree.

2015-02-17 Toby Scrace

Today I would like to nominate Toby Scrace as Friend of the Tree. Toby emailed me over the weekend about a login vulnerability on where you could log in to whomever the previously logged in user was regardless of whether the GitHub authentication was successful or not. I very much appreciate Toby emailing me privately ahead of time, and I definitely feel that Toby has earned becoming Friend of the Tree.

2015-02-10 Jonathan Reem (reem)

Jonathan Reem has been making an impact on Rust since May 2014. His primary contribution has been as the main author of the prominent Iron web framework, though he has also created several other popular projects including the testing framework stainless. His practical experience with these projects has led to several improvements in upstream rust, most notably his complete rewrite of the TaskPool type. Reem is doing everything he can to advance the Rust cause.

2015-01-20 Barosl Lee (barosl)

Today I would like to nominate Barosl Lee (@barosl) for Friend of the Tree. Barosl has recently rewritten our bors cron job in a new project called homu. Homu has a number of benefits including:

  • Zero “down time” between testing different PRs (compared to 30+ minutes for bors!)
  • A new rollup button to create separate rollup PRs from other PRs.
  • Multiple repositories are supported (Cargo and Rust are on the same page)

Homu was recently deployed for rust-lang/rust thanks to a number of issues being closed out by Barosl, and it’s been working fantastically so far! Barosl has also been super responsive to any new issues cropping up. Barosl truly is a Friend of the Tree!

2015-01-13 Kang Seonghoon (lifthrasiir, Yurume)

Seonghoon has been an active member of the Rust community since early 2013, and although he has made a number of valuable contributions to Rust itself, his greatest work has been in developing key libraries out of tree. rust-encoding, one of the most popular crates in Cargo, performs character encoding, and rust-chrono date / time handling, both of which fill critical holes in the functionality of the standard library. rust-strconv is a prototype of efficient numerical string conversions that is a candidate for future inclusion in the standard library. He maintains a blog where he discusses his work.

2015-01-06 Jorge Aparicio (japaric)

I nominate Jorge Aparicio (japaric) for Friend of the Tree (for the second time, no less!). japaric has done tremendous work porting the codebase to use the new language features that are now available. First, he converted APIs in the standard library to take full advantage of DST after it landed. Next, he converted APIs to use unboxed closures. Then, he converted a large portion of the libraries to use associated types. Finally, he removed boxed closures from the compiler entirely. He has also worked to roll out RFCs changing the overloaded operators and comparison traits, including both their definitions and their impact on the standard library. And this list excludes a number of smaller changes, like deprecating older syntax. The alpha release would not be where it is without him; Japaric is simply one of the best friends the tree has ever had.

2014-12-30 Kevin Ballard (kballard, Eridius)

This is a belated recognition of Kevin Ballard (aka @kballard, aka Eridius) as a friend of the tree. Kevin put a lot of work into Unicode issues in Rust, especially as related to platform-specific constraints. He wrote the current path module in part to accommodate these constraints, and participated in the recent redesign of the module. He has also been a dedicated and watchful reviewer. Thanks, Kevin, for your contributions!

2014-12-16 Gábor Lehel (glaebhoerl)

Gabor’s major contributions to Rust have been in the area of language design. In the last year he has produced a number of very high quality RFCs, and though many of them of not yet been accepted, his ideas are often thought-provoking and have had a strong influence on the direction of the language. His trait based exception handling RFC was particularly innovative, as well that for future-proofing checked arithmetic. Gabor is an exceedingly clever Friend of the Tree.

2014-11-11 Brian Koropoff (unwound)

In the last few weeks, he has fixed many, many tricky ICEs all over the compiler, but particularly in the area of unboxed closures and the borrow checker. He has also completely rewritten how unboxed closures interact with monomorphization and had a huge impact on making them usable. Brian Koropoff is truly a Friend of the Tree.

2014-10-07 Alexis Beingessner (Gankra)

Alexis Beingessner (aka @Gankra) began contributing to Rust in July, and has already had a major impact on several library-related areas. Her main focus has been collections. She completely rewrote BTree, providing a vastly more complete and efficient implementation. She proposed and implemented the new Entry API. She’s written extensive new documentation for the collections crate. She pitched in on collections reform.

And she added collapse-all to rustdoc!

Alexis is, without a doubt, a FOTT.

2014-09-02 Jorge Aparicio (japaric)

Jorge has made several high-impact contributions to the wider Rust community. He is the primary author of, and last week published “eulermark”, a comparison of language performance on project Euler problems, which happily showed Rust performing quite well. As part of his benchmarking work he has ported the ‘criterion’ benchmarking framework to Rust.

2014-07-29 Björn Steinbrink (dotdash, doener)

Contributing since April 2013. Björn has done many optimizations for Rust, including removing allocation bloat in iterators, fmt, and managed boxes; optimizing fail!; adding strategic inlining in the libraries; speeding up data structures in the compiler; eliminating quadratic blowup in translation, and other IR bloat problems.

He’s really done an amazing number of optimizations to Rust.

Most recently he earned huge kudos by teaching LLVM about the lifetime of variables, allowing Rust to make much more efficient use of the stack.

Björn is a total FOTT.

2014-07-22 Jonas Hietala (treeman)

Jonas Hietala, aka @treeman, has been contributing a large amount of documentation examples recently for modules such as hashmap, treemap, priority_queue, collections, bigint, and vec. He has also additionally been fixing UI bugs in the compiler such as those related to format!

Jonas continues to add new examples/documentation every day, making documentation more approachable and understandable for all newcomers. Jonas truly is a friend of the tree!

2014-07-08 Sven Nilson (bvssvni, long_void)

Sven Nilson has done a great deal of work to build up the Rust crate ecosystem, starting with the well-regarded rust-empty project that provides boilerplate build infrastructure and - crucially - integrates well with other tools like Cargo.

His Piston project is one of the most promising Rust projects, and its one that integrates a number of crates, stressing Rust’s tooling at just the right time: when we need to start learning how to support large-scale external projects.

Sven is a friend of the tree.

2014-06-24 Jakub Wieczorek (jakub-)

jakub-, otherwise known as Jakub Wieczorek, has recently been working very hard to improve and fix lots of match-related functionality, a place where very few dare to venture! Most of this code appears to be untouched for quite some time now, and it’s receiving some well-deserved love now.

Jakub has fixed 10 bugs this month alone, many of which have been long-standing problems in the compiler. He has also been very responsive in fixing bugs as well as triaging issues that come up from fun match assertions.

Jakub truly is a friend of the tree!

2014-04-22 klutzy

klutzy has been doing an amazing amount of Windows work for years now. He picks up issues that affect our quality on Windows and picks them off 1 by 1. It’s tedious and doesn’t get a ton of thanks, but is hugely appreciated by us. As part of the Korean community, he has also done a lot of work for the local community there. He is a friend of the tree. Thank you!

  • Rust on Windows crusader
  • Fixed issues with x86 C ABI struct arguments
  • Fixed multiple issues with non-US locales

2014-03-18 Clark Gaebel (cgaebel)

This week’s friend of the tree is Clark Gaebel. He just landed a huge first contribution to Rust. He dove in and made our hashmaps significantly faster by implementing Robin Hood hashing. He is an excellent friend of the tree.

2014-02-25 Erick Tryzelaar (erickt)

  • Contributing since May 2011
  • Wrote the serialization crate
  • Organizes the bay area Rust meetups
  • Just rewrote the Hash trait

2014-02-11 Flavio Percoco (FlaPer87)

  • Contributing since September
  • Does issue triage
  • Organizing community events in Italy
  • Optimized the ‘pow’ function
  • Recently been fixing lots of small but important bugs

2014-01-27 - Jeff Olson (olsonjefferey)

  • Contributing since February 2012
  • Did the original libuv integration
  • Implemented our second attempt at I/O, first using libuv
  • Ported parts of the C++ runtime to Rust
  • Implemented file I/O for the newest runtime
  • Last week published an article about file I/O on the Safari books blog

2014-01-21 - Steven Fackler (sfackler)

  • Contributing since last May
  • CMU grad
  • Lots of library improvements, Base64, Bitv, I/O
  • Rustdoc improvements
  • Mut/RefCell
  • std::io::util
  • external module loading

2014-01-14 - Eduard Burtescu (eddyb)

  • Contributing since October
  • Working on the compiler, including trans
  • Reduced rustc memory usage
  • Optimized vector operations
  • Helping refactor the compiler to eliminate use of deprecated features
  • Cleaned up ancient code in the compiler
  • Removed our long-standing incorrect use of the environment argument to pass the self param

2014-01-07 - Vadim Chugunov (vadimcn)

  • Contributing since June
  • Fixed numerous bugs on Windows
  • Fixing broken tests
  • Improved compatibility with newer mingw versions
  • Eliminated our runtime C++ dependency by implementing unwinding through libunwind