Discord moderation bot

Service configuration

The service uses a PostgreSQL database called discord_mods_bot hosted on the same server, and connects to it with the discord_mods_bot user. Backups are not yet setup for the database contents.

The service is run with docker-compose on the home of the ec2-user user, and its docker image is hosted on ECR. The image is automatically rebuilt by the git repository's CI every time a new commit is pushed to master.

The server doesn't expose anything to the outside, as it uses websockets to communicate with Discord.

The bot is rustbot#4299. pietroalbini, Mark-Simulacrum, alexcrichton and aidanhs have access to the developer portal.

Common maintenance procedures

Deploying changes to the bot

Once the CI build on the master branch of the repo ends you can SSH into the server and run this command:


The command might also redeploy other services hosted on the same server.