The note command can be used to update the top comment of a GitHub issue with a summary.


A summary note can be added to a GitHub issue by writing a comment with the command:

@rustbot note summary-title

The word after note is then added as a link to the top comment of the GitHub issue:


### Summary Notes

- ["summary-title" by @username](link-to-comment)

Generated by triagebot, see [help]( for how to add more

with a link to the comment where you posted the note command.

The title word can be a sequence of characters matching the regular expression [^.,:!?;\n() ]+. Or it can be a quoted string like "this is a title".

Additional notes will get appended to the list:


### Summary Notes

- ["first-note" by @username](link-to-comment)
- ["second-note" by @username](link-to-comment)
- ["summary-title" by @username](link-to-comment)


This summary section should not be edited by hand.

Removing an existing summary

Notes can be removed by writing a comment with @rustbot note remove summary-title, where summary-title is the word used when the note was created. Triagebot will remove the entry from the summary list.


This feature is enabled by having a [note] table in triagebot.toml:



See parser/src/command/ and src/handlers/