The nominate commands are used for nominating issues for backporting.


There are multiple commands that can be issued in a GitHub comment to handle nomination:

  • @rustbot beta-nominate <team> — Adds the beta-nominated and the given team’s label. This indicates that the issue is nominated for beta backport, and the team should decide whether to accept or reject it.
  • @rustbot nominate <team> — Adds the I-nominated and the given team’s label. This is used to nominate an issue for the team to discuss.
  • @rustbot beta-accept — Adds the beta-accepted label. This indicates that it has been approved for beta backport, and someone (usually the release team) will take care of applying the backport.
    • @rustbot beta-approve — An alias for beta-accept.

Only rust-lang team members may use the nominate commands.

Only teams that are listed in the configuration can be nominated.

If you need to nominate multiple teams, add each one in a separate command. This is to encourage descriptions of what to do targeted at each team, rather than a general summary.


This feature is enabled on a repository by having a [nominate] table in triagebot.toml. The nominate.teams table lists the team names, and the associated labels that should be used for that team.

compiler = "T-compiler"
release = "T-release"
core = "T-core"
infra = "T-infra"


See src/handlers/ and parser/src/command/