The notifications system helps a user keep track of GitHub notifications.


Each registered team member has a notifications page at:<github-username>

Whenever you are mentioned on GitHub with a direct mention (@user) or via a team mention (@rust-lang/libs) anywhere in the rust-lang organization, this will add an entry to the notifications list.

The notifications list can also be edited via Zulip by private-messaging triagebot. Any Rust organization member can edit their notifications page, or pages of other Rust organization team members. To do so, the editor must have a zulip-id listed in their people/username.toml file in the team repository. The bot will tell you which ID to use when talking to it for the first time; please r? @Mark-Simulacrum on PRs adding Zulip IDs.

The following commands are supported:

  • acknowledge <url> (or short form ack <url>)
  • acknowledge <idx> (or short form ack <idx>)

These both acknowledge (and remove) a notification from the list.

  • acknowledge all or acknowledge * (or short form ack all or ack *)

This acknowledges and removes all notifications.

  • add <url> <description... (multiple words)>

This adds a new notification to the list.

  • move <from> <to>

This moves the notification at index from to the index to.

  • meta <idx> <metadata...>

This adds some text as a sub-bullet to the notification at idx. If the metadata is empty, the text is removed.

  • as <github username> <command...>

This executes any of the above commands as if you were the other GitHub user.


There is no configuration for this feature.


See src/handlers/, src/, and src/db/