Triagebot can leave a comment on PRs that touch certain files. This can be useful to alert people who want to review any change to those files, or to provide a informational message to the author.


Mentions are triggered automatically when a PR is opened (or new changes are pushed) based on the configuration in triagebot.toml of the repo.


To enable mentions, add entries to the [mentions] table in triagebot.toml. Each key in the table should be a path in the repo. Triagebot will check for modifications to any file that starts with the given path. For example, library/std would match anything under the library/std directory like library/std/src/

There are two optional values that can be specified in the table:

  • cc — A list of strings of users to ping. They should start with @ like @ehuss or @rust-lang/clippy. If this is not specified, nobody will be pinged.
  • message — This is the message that will be included in the comment. If this is not specified, the comment will say Some changes occurred in {path}.


cc = ["@ehuss"]

message = """
rustdoc-json-types is a **public** (although nightly-only) API.
If possible, consider changing `src/librustdoc/json/`;
otherwise, make sure you bump the `FORMAT_VERSION` constant.


See parser/src/ and src/handlers/