Triage meeting procedure

This page documents how to run a lang team triage meeting, should you have the misfortune of being forced to do so.

Attending a meeting

If you would just like to attend a lang-team triage meeting, all you have to do is join the zoom call (the URL is attached to the calendar invite below).


Note that the scheduling for all meetings is recorded in the team calendar, links to which can be found on the rust-lang/lang-team repository.


To start, we have a pre-triage meeting which occurs before the main meeting. This is not recorded. It is boring.

To execute this meeting you:

  • Open the Current Meeting dropbox paper document
  • Skim down the action items and look to see if there are any you know have been handled
    • they can be checked off and removed
  • Skip down to the Triage section
  • For each Triage section, click on the link and populate it with what you find
    • typically it is best to copy-and-paste the title of the issue, so that links remain intact
  • For each item, click in and try to add a few notes as to the main topic
    • look for things where there isn’t much discussion needed, or just reminders
    • these can be handled quickly in the meeting, or perhaps not at all
    • items that require more discussion will need time alotted for them

Main meeting

  • Ping the team on discord @lang-team
  • Begin the recording on Zoom, if you have acccess
    • If nobody has access to the recording, oh well, we don’t do it every week
  • Discuss item by item and take some notes on what was said
    • Add specific actions to the action items section above
    • If a consensus arises, make sure to create an action item to document it!
    • The goal should be that we leave some comment on every issue

After meeting

  • Export the meeting file to markdown
    • you will need to cleanup “check boxes” – Niko usually searches and replaces ^(\s*)[ ] with \1* [ ] or something like that to insert a * before them, which makes them valid markdown
  • Upload video to youtube if applicable and get the URL
  • Add the file to the minutes directory of rust-lang/lang-team repository with a file name like