No Merge Policy

The no-merge policy informs users if they have merge commits in their pull request. Some repositories prefer to only use a rebase-oriented workflow.


This is triggered automatically if a PR has merge commits. Triagebot will post a comment on the PR if it detects merge commits. The comment will explain the no-merge policy, and how the user can avoid merge commits.


This feature is enabled on a repository by having a [no-merges] table in triagebot.toml:


There are three optional values that can be specified in the table:

  • exclude_titles — A list of strings of title segments to exclude. PRs with titles containing these substrings will not be checked for merge commits. Case sensitive.

  • labels — A list of strings of label names to add. These labels will be set on the PR when merge commits are detected.

  • message — Override the default message posted for merge commits. The message will always be followed up with “The following commits are merge commits:” and then a list of the merge commits.

Default message

There are merge commits (commits with multiple parents) in your changes. We have a no merge policy so these commits will need to be removed for this pull request to be merged.

You can start a rebase with the following commands:

$ # rebase
$ git pull --rebase master
$ git push --force-with-lease


# PRs with the following labels will be skipped 
exclude_labels = ["rollup", "sync"]
# Add the following labels to PRs with merge commits
labels = ["has-merge-commits", "S-waiting-on-author"]
# Post the following warning message as a comment on PRs with merge commits
message = """
This repository does not allow merge commits.
Your PR cannot be merged until it is rebased.


See src/handlers/