Compiler-team Steering Meeting

What is it?

The “steering meeting” is a weekly meeting dedicated to planning and high-level discussion. The meeting operates on a repeating schedule:

  • Week 1: Planning
  • Week 2: Technical or non-technical discussion
  • Week 3: Technical or non-technical discussion
  • Week 4: Non-technical discussion

The first meeting of the 4-week cycle is used for planning. The primary purpose of this meeting is to select the topics for the next three meetings. The topics are selected from a set of topic proposals, which must be uploaded and available for perusal before the meeting starts. The planning meeting is also an opportunity to check on the “overall balance” of our priorities.

The remaining meetings are used for design or general discussion. Weeks 2 and 3 can be used for technical or non-technical discussion; it is also possible to use both weeks to discuss the same topic, if that topic is complex. Week 4 is reserved for non-technical topics, so as to ensure that we are keeping an eye on the overall health and functioning of the team.

Where do proposals come from?

The team accepts proposals via an open submission process, which is documented on its own page

Announcing the schedule

After each planning meeting, the topics for the next three weeks are added to the compiler-team meeting calendar and a blog post is posted to the Inside Rust blog.

When and where is it?

See the compiler team meeting calendar for the canonical date and time. The meetings take place in the #t-compiler stream on the rust-lang Zulip.