How to run the design meeting

Week of the meeting

  • Announce the meeting in the triage meeting
  • Skim over the list of proposals and ping people who have open proposals to get their availability over the next few weeks
  • Make sure that a write-up is available and nag the meeting person otherwise

Day of the meeting

  • Create a design meeting YYYY.MM.DD topic
    • Ping @t-compiler/meeting, ideally 1h or so before the meeting actually starts, to remind people
    • Include a link to the design meeting write-up
  • At the time of the meeting, return to the topic
    • Ping @t-compiler/meeting to let people know the meeting is starting
    • Include a link to the design meeting write-up
  • We typically begin with a 5min announcement period

To guide the meeting, create a shared hackmd document everyone can view (or adapt an existing one, if there is a write-up). Use this to help structure the meeting, document consensus, and take live notes. Try to ensure that the meeting ends with sort of consensus statement, even if that consensus is just “here are the problems, here is a space of solutions and their pros/cons, but we don’t have consensus on which solution to take”.

After the meeting