Rust Forge

Welcome to the Rust Forge! Rust Forge serves as a repository of supplementary documentation useful for members of The Rust Programming Language. If you find any mistakes, typos, or want to add to the Rust Forge, feel free to file an issue or PR on the Rust Forge GitHub.

Help Wanted

Want to contribute to Rust, but don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of rust-lang projects that have marked issues that need help and issues that are good first issues.

rustThe Rust Language & Compiler
cargoThe Rust package manager
crates.ioSource code for
www.rust-lang.orgThe Rust website

Current Release Versions

ChannelVersionWill be stable onWill branch from master on
Nightly +1

See the release process documentation for details on what happens in the days leading up to a release.

No Tools Breakage Week

To ensure the beta release includes all the tools, no tool breakages are allowed in the week before the beta cutoff (except for nightly-only tools).

Beta CutNo Breakage Week
  • Bibliography of research papers and other projects that influenced Rust.
  • Rust Pontoon is a translation management system used to localize the Rust website.