Once an RFC has been accepted (i.e., the final comment period is complete, and no major issues were raised), it must be merged. Right now this is a manual process, though just about anyone can do it (if you’re not a subteam member, though, you’ll have to open a PR rather than merge the RFC manually). Here is the complete set of steps to merge an RFC – in some cases, not all the steps will be applicable.

Step 1: Open tracking issue

Open a tracking issue over on rust-lang/rust. Here is a template for the issue text. You’ll have to adjust the various places labeled XXX with some suitable content (e.g., the name of the RFC, or the most appropriate team).

This is a tracking issue for the RFC "XXX" (rust-lang/rfcs#NNN).


- [ ] Implement the RFC (cc @rust-lang/XXX -- can anyone write up mentoring instructions?)
- [ ] Adjust documentation ([see instructions on forge][doc-guide])
- [ ] Stabilization PR ([see instructions on forge][stabilization-guide])

[stabilization-guide]: https://forge.rust-lang.org/stabilization-guide.html
[doc-guide]: https://forge.rust-lang.org/stabilization-guide.html#updating-documentation

**Unresolved questions:**

XXX --- list all the "unresolved questions" found in the RFC
        to ensure they are not forgotten

Add the following labels to the issue:

(If you don’t have permissions to do so, leave a note cc’ing the appropriate team and asking them to do so.)

Step 2: Merge the RFC PR itself

In your local git checkout:

Step 3: Leave a comment

Leave a final comment on the PR directing everyone to the tracking issue. Something like this, but feel free to add your own personal flavor (and change the team):

**Huzzah!** The @rust-lang/lang team has decided **to accept** this RFC. 

To track further discussion, subscribe to the tracking issue here: rust-lang/rust#41517

Update the rendered link in the first post of the PR to the permanent home under https://github.com/rust-lang/rfcs/blob/master/text/.

(This way future visitors can open it easily after the PR branch is deleted.)

That’s it, you’re done!