Rust Infrastructure

Most services in the Rust Infrastructure are deployed via rust-central-station. Questions about infrastructure, including current status, should go to the #rust-infra IRC channel.

Our stability guarantees: many of our services rely on publicly-accessible storage and APIs, but not all of these are intended for public consumption. At the moment, only the resources behind are considered stable, meaning that those resources will not change without (at least) prior notice. If you are relying on other parts of the Rust project infrastructure for your own work, please let the infrastructure team know.


Highfive is a bot (bot user account) which welcomes newcomers and assigns reviewers. It is run by Nick Cameron.


Homu is a bot (bot user account) which manages pull requests. Approved pull requests are placed in a queue from which tests are run.

Documentation on homu commands can be found here.

Please contact Alex Crichton if something goes wrong with the bot.


rfcbot is a bot (bot user account) which helps manage async decision making on issues and PRs (typically RFCs). Team members can view any pending requests for review on the FCP dashboard.

Documentation on rfcbot commands can be found in the dashboard repository.

Please contact Adam Perry (“dikaiosune” on IRC) if something goes wrong with the bot, or open an issue on the dashboard repository.


nagbot is a bot that emails Rust team members to nag them for reviews. Please contact Aaron Turon (“aturon” on IRC) if something goes wrong with the bot, or open an issue on its repo.


DXR is a cross-referenced source index for Rust, allowing the Rust source tree to be navigated and searched with ease. It is generated by rust-dxr


TODO: Describe these better.