Twitter Guidelines

The project runs the Twitter account @rustlang. The account is handled by a small team of volunteers.

The account will mostly tweet links to the Rust blog and Rust Insiders blog. Additionally it will retweet:

  • links to blog posts about Rust, retweeting the original author if possible
  • questions about Rust, so all followers can help
  • Meetup or conference announcements
  • announcements of new Rust projects
  • anything else relevant

We will not retweet:

  • content that bashes other programming languages/projects or is otherwise unconstructive in its discussion of language/tech choice
  • Personal announcements ("Today I start my job at $COMPANY writing Rust")
  • Learning Rust updates ("Today I started to learn Rust")

The Direct Messages are open to everyone. If someone wants something retweeted, they should send the tweet via DM. The vast majority of these things should be retweeted, keeping it to the above rules. Requests of an author via DM or Tweet to not retweet something will be honored.

Additionally account handlers may look through the #rustlang hashtag for noteworthy content.

The account will only follow a small number of Project-owned/related Twitter accounts. At the time of writing (February 2022) this is only @cratesiostatus and @rust_foundation.


Access to the account is controlled through TweetDeck. The main account credentials are stored in the project password manager. Direct access to the account should happen rarely if ever.